Monday, October 26, 2015

waiting for spring (already)

It may only be October, but I’m already waiting for spring!  Partly because this big box (all 47 pounds of it!) came in the mail on Monday…


Tucked inside are bags of bulbs (around 500 to be exact). 



and crocus.

I’ve never ordered bulbs before so this was a new experience, but certainly a good one!  I ordered from Van Engelen (this post is not sponsored by them in any way, they don’t know who I am except for the name on the order form when I ordered!) as they had good prices on larger amounts of bulbs and mostly good reviews on Dave’s Garden Watchdog.  (As a side note, I always check on the Watchdog before ordering from any new-to-me garden company.  I’ve found some really good companies this way.)

I ordered a lot of “California” landscape daffodils:

some “Thalia” daffodils
some Hyacinthoides (or Spanish Bluebells) “Excelsior”

a lavender mix of crocus

and a few “Black Beauty” lilies.
I had to exercise extreme restraint as I wanted to order almost every kind of flower they had but thankfully the budget got in the way or I’d be in big trouble finding the time to plant everything.  As it is, I’m really glad my husband got me this for my birthday last week as I still have a LOT of bulb planting to do!!

I’ll update in the spring as things come up and bloom, but all the bulbs look really good so I have high hopes for a very colorful spring display next year! 

Are any of you planting spring bulbs this fall?


  1. How exciting! They all look so pretty- I'll bet it's hard to wait until they all bloom and you can enjoy the final result! (Love the new blog, btw :)

    1. It is hard to wait! Especially because my least favorite season of the year will soon be upon us…but at least I can look forward to spring even more now.

      Thanks Lisa! I wasn’t sure about starting another blog but I really missed writing so I went for it.

  2. Aha! Thank you for the reminder to get my rear in gear! I would LOVE to plant crocuses all over our front lawn and the weather should be nice this coming week so I'm hoping I can do it then! And I really need to get the garlic put in (and um, actually order garlic!)...

    1. OOohh a crocus lawn sounds so pretty! I was thinking about that but I realized that since my husband loves to mow lawn so much, he might have a hard time waiting (or mowing high enough) so as not to mow down the foliage right away after they bloom. Your kids would love it. And maybe even help you plant…mine were very eager to help plant but kept putting the bulbs in upside down which caused my perfectionist self to have an internal conniption, so I only plant during afternoon quiet time now. 😊

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I planted a little over 300 bulbs and most were from Van Engelen as they do have good prices if you want a lot of something. I've also ordered from Brent and Becky's Bulbs and Old House Gardens with good results. They have more specialty bulbs where you are often paying per bulb. But they have some beauties. Almost all my daffs are from OHG as I like the historic ones.

    1. Oh, I was ogling all the beautiful bulbs from Old House Gardens--they are definitely nice! I would have preferred to get more heirloom types but I went for high impact instead this year. Hopefully another year I can get some of the more unique types.

  4. 500 bulbs? Oh my! Well, all that work is going to really pay off in the spring.
    I've not done much with spring bloomers---something I always say I'm going to remedy, but something always comes up and poof--another planting season gone. I guess I shall have to enjoy your blooms in the spring. Can't wait to see updates on that.

    1. Honestly, this is the first year I've actually done it! I've always wanted to do it too, and with this fall being a really extended one--I've been able to do it (well, they aren't quite all planted yet, but soon!).


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