Friday, November 13, 2015

inside the house—kitchen lighting

Now that the temps are cooling down and there isn’t as much to do outside anymore, I’ve been thinking more about projects I’d like to do in the house.  We are planning to build a deck next year and that is our “big” project, but there are a few things I’ve been hoping to do inside.  Our home is on the newer side and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance (thankfully…our previous home needed a big overhaul of some of the spaces, most notably the kitchen as you can see here) but it could use some updating as it is stuck in the 90s with the honey oak trim and other dated finishes.  I’ve been meaning to change out some of the lights for a while, and finally this summer I went and bought one and yesterday I bought another, for our kitchen area.  I feel that part of the house doesn’t get as much light so it could use some extra lighting there—and the lights we have right now really just aren’t cutting it.  I have to have them all on when I’m cooking or washing dishes or I feel like I’m not able to see well (and no, it isn’t my vision!).  

Excuse the awful grainy photos (my camera’s battery needs charging so I’m using my phone), but these are the lights we have right now in there. 


(Over our kitchen island)


(Over the sink)


(Over our kitchen table)

You get the idea.  One of the things that annoys me most about the lights is that they are not. centered. over. things.  The light over the sink is not centered on the window (whyyyy????), the light over the island is almost not even over the island at all, and the one over the kitchen table—though not the worst offender, is still not quite in the right spot. 

I know we can easily change out the light over the table (I’ve decided it isn’t worth moving as I reconfigure the table often) so we’ll do that ourselves (and by we I mean my husband as I am scared of wires, hah!) but I do think the others should be moved so we’re in the process of finding someone with the know-how to do that.  And then we can put up the new lights! 

I haven’t picked out anything TOO exciting.  When you have perfectly good lights that are working just fine it is hard to spend a lot of money on new ones, even though they will look a lot better.   These were both actually discounted at a big box store near here so that made buying these a lot easier. 

I’ve earmarked this one to go over our kitchen table:


And this one to go over the kitchen sink:


Apparently this is the post of awful photos.  ; )

I’m still on the hunt for a good light to go over the island.   I’d like something that ties in with the other two lights, but not too matchy-matchy.  And I’d like something that will really light up the island, because that is where I do the majority of my cooking and baking.  I found this one from Barn Light Electric:

I first came across this one on DIY Squirrel, and I love the pop of color it gives (and I’m a huge fan of jadite so the color is perfect!).  I have a feeling this is something that could be DIY’d, though I don’t have a huge amount of time for that anymore. 

But wait, I just found this on the Ikea website!


FOTO Pendant lamp IKEA This lamp gives a pleasant atmosphere for dining, spreading direct light across your dining or bar table.

Admittedly, the other is definitely prettier,  but I wouldn’t have to DIY this so it could be well worth the compromise!  I think three of these over the island would look great and would blend well with the other two lights.  AND most importantly give me the light I need to avoid chopping off a finger while cooking!  Nobody wants that.  Now to plan an Ikea trip to see the lights in person…

I am really excited about the prospect of changing things up in the kitchen.  I’m hoping to do some other things with the kitchen cabinets (sadly, nothing white!) but that will be a larger project than switching a few lights around.  I haven’t done any house stuff for a very long time but this has my creative juices flowing! 

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