Monday, November 16, 2015

what’s looking good in the garden—november

I was out in the gardens today and noticed that, though most plants are basically gone or very shriveled, one plant is doing particularly well right now—all my ajuga  (bugleweed). 


It is looking really glossy and vibrant; it must be liking the cooler temps and more rainfall! 

I have Caitlin’s Giant:




and Burgundy Glow:


Ajuga is a ground cover and will quickly spread to form a nice thick mat (when happy).  Most of them are only a few inches tall, except for Caitlin’s Giant which has grown around to be 5-8” in my garden.  I have to say Caitlin’s Giant is my favorite so far as it is a really pretty plant and fills areas in quickly, yet I can just easily pull it up when it is getting too rambunctious.  Also, it is very showy in spring with taller blue flowers.  I only have young plants of the other kinds, so we’ll see…maybe I’ll end up liking those just as much or more than my Giant friend! 



  1. Beautiful plant--almost looks like a red lettuce, doesn't it?


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