Monday, February 1, 2016

Grow Your Own Garden; a book review

If your love of gardening exceeds your gardening budget (um, what gardener doesn’t have this problem?!), you have plants you love and want more of them, you would like to dabble in plant breeding, or you have perennials you *should* divide but you just don’t know how to do it…this book is for you! 


Grow Your Own Garden, by Carol Klein

British gardeners will probably have heard of Carol Klein, but for those who have not…she is a long time gardener and owns a plant business in Devon, England.  She is a regular on the British gardening series Gardener’s World and other garden-related shows like Carol’s Garden Odyssey and Life in a Cottage Garden (my favorite!)..  She has a very effusive and enthusiastic personality and isn’t afraid to get her hands in the dirt which makes her really fun to watch!


My husband bought this book for me for Christmas and I love it!   She describes the different methods of propagating plants in a way that is easy to understand, and details those methods with lots of pictures so even beginners will know what to do (love the pictures!  so fun to look at in darkest January…). 


I have been trying my hand at taking various cuttings over the past two years with varying levels of success and I’m still very much a novice so this should be really helpful.  She goes into how to multiply many different types of bulbs, how to take root cuttings, saving and planting seeds, dividing difficult plants, selectively breeding plants to make new variations, and on and on.  It really covers it all, at least all that home gardeners will probably need. 


Plus, did I mention the beautiful pictures??? 


There’s a whole lot of snow outside, so nothing better on a winter day than to look at colorful gardening books and plan the year ahead!


  1. I love to watch her on TV for both that enthusiasm and her knowledge. I have heard her speak two or three times but she never could keep to her time limit which always threw the programs off! I will have to look for this book.

    1. Hah, I could see her doing that! (Though I’m not sure if I would mind…)


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