Friday, March 4, 2016

first peek at the spring bulbs

Last fall I planted about 500 bulbs, mostly daffodils, in various places on our property.  Guess what I found when I was out and about looking around in the flower beds!! 


Yep, little daffodil shoots braving the still snow-covered world.  I just cannot wait to see the riot of color as they come up and bloom!  I have actually forgotten all the places I planted these, so it will be a bit of a surprise even for me!  I will keep you updated. 

It also looks like, for the first time ever, I will get some hellebore (Lenten rose) flowers this year!  Little fat buds are on their way up. 



  1. 500! You must be so excited to see the beautiful results! :)

    1. Oh, I am. More and more keep coming up and it is super fun to see!

  2. Surprise bulbs are the best! We're still trying to figure out where everything is going to end up blooming this spring - I'm pretty excited :)


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