Monday, April 4, 2016

outside the house—at the brooklyn botanical garden

Last week I accompanied my husband on a work trip to NYC.  I had never been there before and it was a lot of fun!  (But boy are my legs and feet still sore from all the walking I did!!!)

While I was there I took a trip out to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see the early spring blooms.  They are known for their beautiful cherry blossom display in the spring which is undoubtedly quite amazing…however, there were only a few trees in bloom when I was there so I’ll have to take their word for it.  I enjoyed the visit, though I have to say there are gardens much closer to home that I find more visit-worthy. 

Nothing is really blooming here in MN yet (except a few lone crocuses) so it was really nice to see some more color in the landscape!


Blooming cherry trees in their Japanese garden.



The most dramatic part of the garden right now were the magnolias.  Some of the flowers were almost as big as my hand!



I took these pictures on my phone and they just do not do it justice! 



I thought these muscari among the hyacinths were so charming:


But my favorite part of the garden:  the hellebores (Lenten rose).  Each one was different than the next, and each was beautiful in it’s own way which made you want to lift every one to look inside.


All in all, I really enjoyed my visit and I got a much needed spring garden fix for a few weeks until mine starts blooming!